New Product - Deeply Hydrating Peat Mask

Turbliss is happy to announce that our product line has a new proud member - Deeply Hydrating Peat Mask.

Mask contains a unique blend of cosmetic peat, colloidal oatmeal, honey and natural prebiotic, which deeply hydrates the skin, helps to alleviate irritation and enhances skin elasticity. Colloidal oat rich in beta glucan and useful lipids provides the skin with antioxidants and moisture retaining elements. Honey and allantoin work as protective humectants. Prebiotic supports the microbiological balance of the skin and peat humic acids maintain normal functioning of skin cells.

100% natural and higly effective colloidal oat is packed with useful ingredients that reduce irritation and flaky dryness. Oat, honey, and allantoin, in combination with restoring humic acids from therapeutic peat provide visible results already after first use. The product is a perfect remedy for treating paper dry, tight, and atopic skin. The mask is extremely suitable to use during the summer when the skin is more exposed to UV-rays. Regular application gives a smoother and healthier tan on a skin that is hydrated, soft, resistant to damage and able to renew itself more quickly.