November 2016

Nylon - Why Estonia Might Be Responsible For The Next Beauty Craze

Capitalizing on the fact that peat is a large part of the Estonian landscape, Sirli Mangus - founder of Turbliss - began researching its balneological (bath therapy, basically) use and characteristics, only to discover that it had a positive reaction on various skin conditions. All of the Turbliss products have a high level of humic, fulvic, and hymatomelanic acids that penetrate deep into the skin to help restore cell funtion, while minerals, lipids, amino acids, enzymes, microelements, phytonutrients, and sulphur help to restore skin elasticity. Also impressive, the company digs, analyzes, and micronizes all of its own peat to ensure it`s of a high quality. While all of the mask types (from soothing wrinkles and toning skin to reducing acne and curing eczema and psoriasis) are considered purifying, peat never gets tight and dry on the skin if used correctly. In fact, it helps regulate both sebum production and dryness to create perfect balance.